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Pensioner And Social Grant Rebates On City Of Cape Town Rate Payments

17 Sep 2019
The City of Cape Town has encouraged residents who are dependent on pensions and social grants as an income to apply for a discount on their rate payments.

Is The Security Company In A Residential Estate Responsible For A Robbery?

12 Sep 2019
Choosing to live in a secured residential estate in South Africa is becoming ever more popular with South Africans.

Home Owners Stay 14 Years In House Before Selling - Sales In Execution Drops

10 Sep 2019
A decade ago, home owners would sell their properties every seven or eight years. Now they are holding on for an average of 14 years before selling

Home Builders Beware - Your Contractor Must Register With The NHBRC

04 Sep 2019
"...the Act is consumer-protection legislation designed to offer protection against incompetent builders and the construction of homes

An Update: Land Reform Creates New Opportunities For Property Investment

29 Aug 2019
As we begin to get an idea of how the Constitution will be changed and how expropriation of land will unfold

What You Should Know About Trusts

26 Aug 2019
A trust is an excellent vehicle for the protecting or holding of an asset or assets

Langebaan Country Estate - Property Market Report 2019

23 Aug 2019
Langebaan Country Estate is the largest gated estate in Langebaan and is a well-established and upmarket residential suburb centred on a Gary Player golf course

Upkeep And Repairs In Sectional Title Schemes: Who Is Responsible?

22 Aug 2019
You just took transfer and became the proud owner of a unit in a sectional title scheme

Are You At Risk Of Not Being Paid Out By Insurer In Case Of Electricity Caused Fire?

19 Aug 2019
Homeowners are at risk of having their insurance claims rejected if it is found that they are not in possession of a valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance

Property Owners Beware - Ensure Updated Insurance Cover + Regular Service

15 Aug 2019
Anyone who owns a property should ensure their short-term insurance cover is up to date
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