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8 New By-Laws For Cape Town - Regulating Airbnb & Height of Walls Around Erfs

11 Nov 2019
The City of Cape Town is encouraging residents to attend information sessions

Who Is Responsible For Financial Losses - Trustees Or Managing Agent?

07 Nov 2019
If a body corporate member suffers a financial loss

What Are The Powers and Duties of Trustees in the Transfer of Immovable Property?

05 Nov 2019
There often comes a time when a beneficiary becomes entitled to take transfer of a property that is registered in the name of a trust

Affordable Housing Market Vibrant - 37% Selling To Upgrade

31 Oct 2019
The traditional housing market is struggling for growth, but a first insight into affordable housing reveals a vibrant market segment

ABSA's & FNB's Young Professionals Home Loan Campaigns

30 Oct 2019
ABSA has launched the Young Professionals Home Loan campaign

SA Residential Building Statistics For 2019 - Planning & Construction Phases

24 Oct 2019
The flat and townhouse segment remained the main driver of the growth in new housing built

What Does One Month Written Notice To End A Rental Agreement Means?

22 Oct 2019
The Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999 ("the Act") governs all residential lease agreements in South Africa

How To Create Competition Amongst The Banks For A Home Loan Application

18 Oct 2019
Obtaining a home loan is one of the most important steps in the whole property buying process

South African Property Market - 17% More Property Transfers During Third Quarter 2019 vs 3rd Quarter

16 Oct 2019
The South African residential property market is showing good recovery signs with a 17% increase in the number of property transfers

Electronic Signatures, Sale Agreements & Deeds Registration

14 Oct 2019
At the beginning of October, the Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Act was promulgated.
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