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What Are Essential Goods & Services During The Covid-19 Lockdown?

27 Mar 2020
The Department of Cooperative and Government Affairs has published new regulations which outline what are considered to be essential goods & which essential

What Is The Law On Force Majeure Regarding Commercial Leases In SA?

25 Mar 2020
The first fake news campaign about landlords not being allowed to charge tenants any rentals for the next 3 months due to the recently announced 21 days

Property Market Update: Corona Virus - Deeds Office and CCH Property Services

24 Mar 2020
CCH member agents and office will be providing virtual property services during the 3 weeks lockdown

Coronavirus SA National Lockdown: What You Need To Know

24 Mar 2020
The president announced last night that from midnight on Thursday, March 26, until midnight on Thursday, April 16, the country will be locked down

Fighting The Corona Virus - Six Tips for Keeping Your House Clean and Germ-Free

23 Mar 2020
Schools are being closed and more and more companies are requiring employees to work from home.

How To Stay Positive During The Coronavirus Crisis - Look For The Silver Linings!

23 Mar 2020
With all the tragic things that are happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus, now might seem like an unusual time to talk about being positive

SA Reserve Bank Cut Repo Rate By 100 Basis Points - Prime Rate Down From 9.75% To 8.75%

19 Mar 2020
The SA Reserve Bank's monetary policy committee cut the repo rate by 100 basis points

How CCH Will Conduct Our Property Services With Our Clients During The Covid-19 Outbreak

18 Mar 2020
Given the present state of an international health disaster with the Covid-19

Which Documents Are Required For The Transfer Of Ownership - When You Sell Your Property?

16 Mar 2020
Paperwork is not everyone's favourite thing, and while the property transfer process does require quite a few documents, it needn't be overwhelming for buyers

Plans Approved And Added Municipal Requirements

11 Mar 2020
Once building plans have been approved by your local municipality and you have completed the renovation
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