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SA Average House Price Growth Dips In 2019

20 Jan 2020
The average annual house price growth in 2019 was 3.6% year-on-year, according to the latest FNB House Price Index, released on Monday

Reserve Bank Cuts Interest Rates By 25 Basis Points

16 Jan 2020
The SA Reserve Bank's monetary policy committee has unanimously voted to reduce the repo rate from 6.5% to 6.25%.

Sale Of A Property From A Deceased Person's Estate

16 Jan 2020
It is not uncommon for an estate agent to be involved in the marketing of a property which is an asset in a deceased person's estate

Buying A Property With An Existing Tenant

13 Jan 2020
When purchasing a property with a tenant already in place, certain aspects should always be considered before the offer to purchase is signed.

When a Lease Expires And The Tenant Stays On: Can It Be Rebutted?

09 Jan 2020
the Rental Housing Act has certain deemed provisions, impliedly forming part of the agreement between the landlord and tenant

Are Verbal Property Agreements Valid?

07 Jan 2020
Verbal agreements in South Africa are generally as binding and valid as written ones

The Amendment To The Property Clause - Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC)

18 Dec 2019
The change to section 25, often called 'the property clause', is to state - explicitly - that a court may determine that no compensation is payable in instances

What Landlords And Tenants Need to Know - Deposits & Repairs

11 Dec 2019
Where deposit is paid based on a contractual agreement, the act imposes certain conditions if the deposit is paid to the landlord

83,1% Of Residential Building Activity In SA 2019 Has Taken Place In Gauteng & The WC

09 Dec 2019
The 8 poorest provinces (with the smallest local economies) in South Africa

South African Property Market Report for 2019

05 Dec 2019
It has been a tough year for most South Africans, with a great deal of change, speculation and uncertainty
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